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We have many wonderful FORGOTTEN FELINES eagerly waiting to be adopted into loving homes. If you wish to adopt one of our cats or kittens, please click here to fill out our online adoption request form. 

If you cannot keep your adoption appointment, kindly call and give us 24 hours notice. We are not open regular hours for public visits and volunteers make a special effort to accommodate your schedule. Our Adoption Coordinator will spend a lot of time getting to know you so that she can match you with the right cat or kitten.

Adoption fee for an adult cat 1 year or older = $150.00 per cat
Adoption fee for a kitten under a year = $200.00 per kitten

Our adoption fee covers

  • spaying or neutering

  • rabies and distemper vaccinations

  • thorough health examination

  • testing for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)

  • treatment for fleas, ticks, and ear mites

  • de-worming


Jonesey blue 2.JPG

Here are a few of our cats waiting to be adopted.
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I’m Casssie

Cassie is a gentle, lovely kitty around her humans. She loves to play, loves to be petted and brushed, and is a sweet little lassie. Miss Cassie does not care for other cats, however, and will be absolutely in heaven in a home of her very own! She promises loyalty, love, and trust to any human or humans who decide to love her furever and ever!
Adult Female | Medium | Tuxedo | Short Hair

I’m Coco

This young sweet miss just turned a year old in April and was very shy when she came to us late last year. Coco responded well to our wonderful socializers and volunteers and look how far she has come! Her black coat is gorgeous with the stunning blaze of white. This mild mannered darling would love to find her very own family to bond with and she will certainly continue to blossom with all the extra attention and love. Estimate date of Birth: 4/8/19
Young Female | Medium | Black
Sweet Pea.jpeg

I’m Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea lives up to her name. There is no greater lovebug than Sweet Pea. This 10 month old black and white kitten wants affection all the time and is ready to reciprocate the love. She is an active baby who plays with her toys and gets along beautifully with other cats. Sweet Pea was born with diabetes insipidus which requires eye drops twice a day that are very easy to administer. Other than that, she is a very healthy, playful kitten, and nothing slows her down.

Domestic Short Hair  | Kitten | Female | Black and White Tuxedo

I’m Piper

Like most cats, Piper really prefers to pick her own people. This adorable round gray fuzzball will let humans know if they are the chosen ones by perching delicately on their laps. Piper is very sweet and loves to be petted, but will definitely send a message when she is done with getting attention. Sometimes her little tongue sticks out of her mouth, which just makes her more adorable! Piper has had a difficult life and is looking forward to enjoying a restful, loving home to call her own. Estimated DOB:6/14/10

Domestic Short Hair  |  Female | Gray

I’m Quinnlee

Quinnlee is a young girl who is making great progress in trusting and getting to know the ways of humans. She is a lovely dilute calico with arresting golden eyes that look around the room for a willing volunteer who might brush her and offer a calm word. Quinnlee would love a patient, quiet home where she could thrive with another nice cat or two. Although she is shy, she is very sweet and mild-mannered. She is shown cuddling with her friends Finn (black, adopted) and Oscar (gray, adorable!) Estimated DOB: 6/26/18

Domestic Short Hair  | Female | Diluted Calico

I’m Hayley

Hayley is the cutest little orange kitty with a floofy, stripey tail. She is so irresistible with that pink little nose & cute expression. Hayley is young and quite shy, but she loves to be brushed. She would need a home that would patiently teach her social skills and allow her to have her safe spots. She is a sweet, gentle little girl who gets along well with other nice cats. Estimated DOB: 6/20/18

Domestic Short Hair  | Young  | Female | Orange/Red , Tabby (Tiger Striped)

I’m Trixie

Trixie is a sweet softie who has been at the shelter since she was a kitten. She is somewhat shy, but enjoys petting and brushing. She will reward volunteers with a loud, contented purr when they pay attention to her! Trixie has a mellow disposition and would need some time to adjust to a home, but she is a hidden gem who loves the company of other nice kitties. Estimated DOB: 4/30/12
Domestic Short Hair  |  Female  |  Dilute Tortoiseshell

I’m Venus

Venus is a beautiful little girl with shiny black fur & green eyes. She can be a little shy at first, but likes her treats so much that working with her is easy. Little by little she has come to enjoy being brushed & getting her neck massaged. Venus gets along well with other cats, but would probably prefer a quiet home with no young kids or dogs. Estimated DOB: 11/14/14
Domestic Short Hair  |  Female  |  Black

Keeping Up With Jonesy!

Everyone has to work very hard to keep up with petting and giving Jonesy plenty of attention! This handsome tiger fellow may seem a bit shy at first, but he gets over it quickly and is then best friends with everyone he meets! Jonesy is playful, sweet, and gets along with other cats. He would also enjoy being in a home of his very own.


To adopt Jonesy or any other cat or kitten, please call the Forgotten Felines adoption line at 860-669-1347 or apply online here.

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