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Happy Tales


Hope all is well. Gryffin is adjusting so well. He loves cuddling with us when we sleep and plays lots with all his toys! My mom got him a kitten climbing jungle gym that he enjoys (the red contraption in the picture below).  He is the sweetest boy but also so fun and playful and I can’t tell you how much we love him, and are grateful you chose us to be his parents! :) Here are some pictures! 


-Chelsie and Chris 

The Three of Us

Just wanted to share some updates. The Trips are happy, healthy and full of Love!


The bedroom might wonder where WE sleep.....excellent question!


Arn & Ann



I wanted to wish all of my friends (furry and human) at Forgotten Felines a very Meowy Christmas. I believe I received more presents than my new mom!


Thank you for taking such good care of me until my mom showed up to take me home with her. I have hope in my heart that all of my furry friends will find a loving home, too, this coming year.


Much love, your girl Rainbow xoxo

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