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We have many wonderful FORGOTTEN FELINES eagerly waiting to be adopted into loving homes. If you wish to adopt one of our cats or kittens, 
please click here to fill out an adoption application. 


  • Ensure all questions have been completed

  • Contact your references, vet, and landlord to expect a call from FF.

  • You will receive an automated acknowledgment of receipt of your application. 
    This is not an approval for adoption. 

  • An adoption coordinator will contact you after reviewing your application.  

  • Please be patient while waiting for a call as we are 100% volunteers, most volunteers have families and jobs.  

  • Your preferred cat is not always available at the time of approval. 

  • Cats may be reserved only after application approval and full payment. 

If you are unable to keep your appointment, kindly call at least 24 hours prior.  Your adoption coordinator will spend at least an hour getting to know you and matching you with the perfect cat. 


The adoption fee includes:


  • A complete health exam by our preferred veterinarians

  • Spay or Neuter

  • Rabies and Distemper vaccines

  • FIV/FeLV/ Heartworm testing

  • Flea, Tick, and Ear Mite treatment

  • De-Worming

Adoption fee for an adult cat 1 year or older is $200.00 per cat

The adoption fee for a kitten under a year is $250.00 per kitten

Forgotten Felines CT

No appointment is necessary.

Some of Our Cats Looking For Their Forever Home


Today is a wonderfully whiskery day to introduce you to Nahla! The socializers have all been talking about this delightful dilute tortoiseshell darling! Nahla has been for us for awhile and it was hard to go near her as she warned you with hisses that your company at that time was not welcomed! Fast forward to today and Nahla not only accepts pets from her favorite volunteer friends, but she is purring and enjoying it! Nahla also loves treats and will lick meat tubes from your finger if offered! (BTW- we need more meat tubes and treats if anyone is considering a donation for our kitties!). I love this fabulous photo from volunteer June G showing off her beautiful coat and adorable face. This shy sweetie would need a patient and quiet home to continue to blossom, but look how far she has come! Estimated date of birth is 5/10/20.

Adult   |  Female  |  Medium  |  Dilute Tortoiseshell


Adult   |  Female  |  Medium  |  Calico


Cutie Pie Corky in our Blue Room might not be a room greeter yet, but watch out, he is on his way! Finally comfortable with his surroundings, this handsome honey is out and about, waiting for treats and playtime. He is a good sized 5 year old boy with a gorgeous coat and such a darling face. Corky loves to rub his roomates and tail twirl with them. Come meet him! Estimated date of birth is 3/26/19.

Adult   |  Male  |  Large  |  Black


A new friendly fella to our shelter is Ziggy! Ziggy is a lover of people and is trying to get use to so many roommates. He is very fond of those cardboard saucers (and laps too!) and if there is one, you can find him in it! Come by today and see for yourself what a charming chap he is! Estimated date of birth is 5/1/22.

Adult  |  Male  |  Medium  |  Black & White / Tuxedo


When Truffles arrived at the shelter it was thought that he would quickly find a home. He had so much going for him as he was young, very handsome and he just loved to play. But like his best buddy Nemo at the time, he was shy if you came too close. Nemo finally found a home with two other shelter buddies, but Truffles seemed not to be connecting with adopters. This gorgeous gray guy is very sweet natured and gets along with all of his roommates. He patiently waits his turn at play if the more aggressive cats are being play hogs. Though he is skittish with new people, Truffles will recognize his favorite volunteers who have built up a trusting relationship with him and will run to his favorite spot to greet them waiting for a special treat, some catnip on a scratcher he likes or some much loved playtime. We are hoping a special person will recognize how amazing he is and will spend the time and have the patience to build up a close relationship with him so he can blossom. Because Truffles loves his friends, a wonderful pairing might be sweet Salty, a super friendly easy going roommate who could show him the ropes on human bonding. Estimated date of birth 5/23/20.


Adult  |  Male  |  Medium  |  Gray / Blue / Silver


Kerry was one of our last kitties to be rescued last year and is easy to spot in her Yellow Room with her beautiful tawny cougar colored coat. At the time these photos were taken of her, she was happily chasing a laser light, so intent on catching it. Kerry has settled into shelter life and happily hangs out with the volunteers, but like her wild counterpart, this 9 year old is not keen on sharing her space with others of her kind and would likely be happiest as your one and only.


Adult  |  Female  |  Medium  |  Tabby


This fantastic friendly floof of a fellow is looking for a family that wants to have fun! Chips loves anything to bat around and to chase laser lights and wand toys. He needs to burn energy to keep his extra energy focused and mellow activities such as bird watching while at rest. This oh so handsome 2 1/2 year old boy would be best with someone who is cat savvy as he can get over stimulated if petted too long, especially if he needs some playtime. Perhaps a big family dog friend who is use to cats would be a good pal for Chips, but we would not recommend children at this time. He hopes there is someone who understands his needs and comes to meet him soon! Estimated date of birth 8/16/21.


Adult   |  Male  |  Medium  |  Tabby 


Fritz is a friendly and unflappable fella who acts like he has lived at the shelter for months, not days. Plopped down and relaxed in a round scratcher right in the middle of the room, Fritz could care less that there were squabbles going on all around him. This softy sweetheart just turned 4 years old and would love to meet you. Estimated date of birth is 3/6/20.


Adult   |  Male   |  Large   |  Tabby


Tootsie is 2 years old and was showing a lot of anxiety and agitation when her new roommates were nearby! Luckily she is in one of our larger rooms and if you find her by herself, with no other kitties nearby, she is a sweetheart and loves attention. She was just showing us in no uncertain terms that she wishes to be the only kitty in her home and the precious princess in your life! Tootsie has lovely tortoiseshell patterning and her light colored chin is just darling. This girl would be so happy to be adopted asap so she can have her own space and her very own family to love. Come meet her! Estimated date of birth: 2/15/22.


Adult  |  Female  |  Medium   |  Tortoiseshell


Percy is another new boy to our shelter, settling in and enjoying volunteer attention from Genevieve! This handsome fella also loves to partake in meat tubes and brushing of his beautiful black fur. Come meet this darling 7 1/2 year old guy and all of his new roommates! Estimated date of birth 8/1/16.

Adult  |  Female  |  Medium  |  Black


Jet came to us earlier this year and spent most of his time on the catio shelf hissing at anyone who came near. He started softening up and found a girlfriend -beautiful Sienna. They could often be found hanging on the shelf together and he started to enjoy wand playtime with the volunteers. Fast forward to today, and Jet is enjoying the comforts of indoors and seems to just love the play energy with all the new youngsters in the room, often taking center stage as seen in this video by Genevieve. Jet is a strong looking good sized guy and certainly stands out from most of the petitie newbies. Come meet him Saturday! Estimated date of birth: 3/21/22.

Adult  |  Male  |  Large  |  Black


We often highlight our super friendly new kitties, but don't forget that we have so many sweet shy ones who have been waiting to catch someone's eye! Tabitha is not a room greeter, but you can find her on the tall tower by the catio window, where she can watch everything going on in both the Peach Room and outside. Such a smart girl! Tabitha is 4 years old and enjoys the quiet attention of the volunteers- petting, treats, etc. Her gray tiger coat and white facial markings highlights that adorable freckled pink nose of hers. Tabitha is looking for a family that will give her the time she needs to get comfortable with her new surroundings. Anyone who has adopted a shy kitty will tell you how exciting and fulfilling it is when they realize that they are safe, loved and home at last. Come by and meet our shy sweethearts. Estimated date of birth: 7/27/19.

Adult | Female | Medium | Tabby


Sweet as pie and a little shy, Laverne's true personality comes out when she plays with a feather wand toy! This adorable girl just loves playtime and meat tubes are her favorite. She has such an expressive face that often looks like she is smiling. Laverne is a little treasure. Estimated date of birth is 9/21/18.

Domestic Short Hair / Adult  /  Female  / Tabby


This handsome tuxedo gentleman might be a little shy, but he is sweet as pie! Unlike his name suggests, Thunder is a quiet guy who is happy to have attention from you and loves to be petted. He has a gorgeous tuxedo coat with whiskers for miles! Come by and meet him! Estimated date of birth 10/26/19.

Domestic Short Hair / Adult / Male / Medium / Black & White / Tuxedo


This gorgeous guy in the Green Room has made such great progress with the volunteers! He hangs out with his best pal Zeke, who use to hiss at us making progress with both of them slow at first. Now that Zeke has become a big softie thanks to playtime and meat tube treats you donate, sweetie pie Ivan of course has joined in too. Ivan loves to play also (see photos in comment section below) and petting him is such a treat!! Of course I ruined it by getting mixed up what catio I was in, and called him Kiri, our Yellow Room girl floof, by mistake, which you can see by his face perturbed him quite a bit??. I apologized profusely and I hope he forgave me!

Domestic Long Hair | Adult | Male


Volunteer Genevieve took this photo of our darling new girl Dulcie looking relaxed in her favorite low hammock. If you are looking for a sweet, somewhat shy (for now at least) young girl with a coat of warm tans and stripy browns, Dulcie might be the one for you! She has amazing eyes flecked with amber, gold and a hint of peridot that look like the finest gemstone (see my photo close up below). She is not quite two yet and from her hammock has the best view of her roommates during playtime with Genevieve. We have no doubt she will be joining in on the fun soon! Come visit with Dulcie and all of our wonderful kitties this Saturday!! Estimated date of birth: 1/4/21

Young | Female | Medium | Tabby


Sienna is a beautiful brown, white and black tiger girl with an adorable face who loves to play. She can be shy, but enjoys being brushed and petted gently. Sienna likes the company of other cats and would love to spend springtime with a patient new human and feline home of her own. Estimated date of birth: 6/23/18.

Adult Female | Medium | Tabby (Brown / Chocolate), Tabby (Tiger Striped)


Like most cats, Piper really prefers to pick her own people. This adorable round gray fuzzball will let humans know if they are the chosen ones by perching delicately on their laps. Piper is very sweet and loves to be petted, but will definitely send a message when she is done getting attention. Sometimes her little tongue sticks out of her mouth, which just makes her more adorable! Piper has had a difficult life and is looking forward to enjoying a restful, loving home to call her own. Estimated DOB:6/14/10

Adult | Female | Medium

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