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We are currently accepting new volunteers. Opportunities include cat care, fostering, fundraising and more.

Serving as a volunteer at the Forgotten Felines shelter is a truly rewarding and heartwarming experience. Here you get to know and care for the many fantastic felines who make their home at this beautiful facility. Some are here temporarily until they are placed with a loving family, others will live here their entire lives. Shelter volunteers make sure the kitties are well loved, fed and cared for, and that the shelter is clean and cozy. ​ Taking care of the cats: Volunteers are asked to commit to a two-hour work shift per week - morning or evening. Volunteers work in teams to feed the cats, clean the living areas and socialize with the cats. A specially trained volunteer medicates and cares for recovering kitties in the shelter’s infirmary.


The Socialization Program provides valuable one-on-one time with our cats. The extra attention can bring shy ones out of their shells, provide more interaction for those that crave it, and give them an opportunity to have positive dealings with humans. Socializers do not have assigned shifts but are expected to visit for a minimum of at least one hour, once a week between the hours of 11am-2pm. Training is provided. We have several open slots that we are trying to fill. • Socializers must visit once a week for at least one hour, preferably for two hours, during the 4 hour window of 11 AM to 3 PM. • Currently available days are Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. • Socializers must feel comfortable working one on one with shy, fearful cats vs. our more confident "lap cats," and they must be able to use various techniques to help shy cats gain confidence. • Socializers must feel comfortable visiting Forgotten Felines at times when no other volunteers are present. • Socializers must be 18 years of age or older.


You do not have to come to the shelter to volunteer for Forgotten Felines. We need help with many non-shelter tasks, including: • Fundraising and organizing events • Carpentry, painting, appliance repair, vet tech experience • Public relations/media coordination • Grant writing


Can't adopt right now? No time to volunteer at the shelter? We have lots of adoptable kittens and cats in need of loving foster homes. The experience will change your life. Opening your home to a litter of kittens, a pregnant or nursing mom, or a special needs cat will give you a lifetime of satisfaction and a way of contributing to our organization. We always need foster homes that can give tender loving care and individual attention to our rescued felines. Our foster home network is among the best in the state.​

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